Awards with Vito Oddo Wines

Awards and acknowledgment obtained by Vito Oddo


“The wine of the oenologist Oddo wins the gold medal”

“Vermentino, War and Peace triumphs in Cagliari”

Article appeared in the Giornale di Sicilia on 07 June 24, in honor of the exceptional result achieved by our wine.

Vermentino Cagliari

Gold Medal at Vino Way – Salento

Another gold medal for our Vermentino 2022 which takes away any tiredness.
This time it is the national competition
“Vino Way” held like every year in Salento.

Mediterranean Packaging Award

Vermentino Guerra e Pace wins the Mediterranean Packaging Award

“RE SICULO” brings Catarratto into the TOP Hundred 2023 in Italy according to Il Golosario

Un vino che vuole ricordare le origini del nostro territorio, quel vino dal colore ambra battezzato dalle vecchie generazioni come AMBRATO.
La nostra idea di Ambrato nel caso di “Re Siculo” prevede l’aggiunta del 5% di vino “perpetuo”, ovvero quel vino antenato del Marsala, che viene lasciato senza limite temporale e mai rimosso in una botte di legno. Il risultato di quest’aggiunta è un vino con sentori di uva passa, dattero, banana matura: in bocca risulta secco di bella acidità ma vellutato.
Dice il team di il Golosario: “ricorda il Marsala ma senza essere Marsalato”.

Special thanks go to @paolomassobrio and @gatti9983 for selecting and appreciating us through this wine.


This article, which appeared in La Repubblica, was framed and hung on our noticeboard as if it were a prize, because receiving it was a great emotion.
Heartfelt thanks to those who have always supported us.

Articolo La Repubblica

“30th Vermentino Award” 2023 – Diano Castello

Gold Medal (Lona d'oro)

Our Vermentino “Guerra e Pace” 2022 wins the gold medal at the Vermentino National Competition, held in Liguria in the municipality of Diano Castello, where 125 wines from all over Italy are been judged by a specialized jury.
It also receives the prize as first classified among the emerging regions (Lazio, Puglia, Sicily, Umbria) where this vine is not yet particularly widespread.

“Vinoway Wine Selection” 2022

Gold Selection

Our Vermentino Guerra e Pace 2020 wins the gold medal at the "Vino Way" Wine Selection 2022, ranking among the best white wines of Italy and best Vermentino of the competition!

Guerra e Pace Oddo Vini

“Mundus Vini” 2021


Silver medal for our Red Merlot 2018 Bariccato "Guerra e Pace" at the international competition "Mundus Vini" Summer Edition held in Germany.

Mundus vini

“Berliner Wein Trophy” 2019

Gold Medal

The prestigious award given to our Merlot 2016 in the context of one of the top international wine competitions, the "Berliner Wein Trophy", a competition in which about two thousand companies were measured.

One hundred and ninety sworn experts tasted a total of 6,286 wines from 34 countries. For four days the judges tasted blind glasses, under the control of Oiv (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and Uioe (Italian Wine Union).

Berliner Gold - Merlot 2016

“Asia Wine Trophy” 2019

Gold Medal

The largest wine competition in Asia.

Also from the East comes a splendid gold medal for our "MERLOT 2016" from the vineyards of "FULGATORE"...

Over 4,000 wines presented, from 33 countries, 140 jurors, from all the most important importing countries who believe our quality and production are unmatchable in Asia.

Asia Wine Trophy
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